How To Issue A Duplicate Labor

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How To Issue A Duplicate Labor
How To Issue A Duplicate Labor

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In case of loss of the work book, damage, as well as making an incorrect entry, the employee must be given a duplicate of it. To do this, the employee needs to write a statement, issue an order to the director and send it to the personnel service, who draw up a duplicate in accordance with the rules for maintaining work books on the basis of the submitted documents.

How to issue a duplicate labor
How to issue a duplicate labor

It is necessary

Blank form of work book, supporting documents, company seal, pen, forms of relevant documents, organization documents, employee documents, rules for keeping work books


Step 1

Write an application addressed to the first person of the company, in the head of which write the name of the company, the position of the head, his last name, initials in the dative case. Indicate your position in accordance with the staffing table, last name, first name, patronymic in accordance with the identity document, in the genitive case. In the content of the application, state your request to give you a duplicate of the work record book instead of the original, indicating the reason why it is necessary to do this. The reason may be the loss of the work book by the employer, loss, damage, as well as the introduction of an incorrect entry, recognized as invalid. Please personally sign the application and the date it was written. The document is sent for consideration to the director, who, if agreed, puts on it a resolution signed and dated.

Step 2

The manager issues an order on the possibility of issuing a duplicate to you, assigns a number and date to the document, signs it, and certifies it with the seal of the organization. The execution of the administrative document is entrusted to the person responsible for maintaining work books, the position held by him, surname, name, patronymic is indicated. Familiarize yourself with the order of the employee who needs to be issued a duplicate of the work book, and the employee of the personnel department, who put personal signatures and dates in the appropriate fields.

Step 3

The order is sent to the personnel service. Ask the organizations where you previously worked for supporting documents. These can be orders for admission / dismissal, employment contracts, certificates on letterhead. Present them to HR officers. If an incorrect entry is made, these documents do not need to be presented.

Step 4

On the title page of a blank work record book, enter the last name, first name, patronymic of the employee in accordance with the identity document, the date and place of his birth. On the basis of your education document, enter your education status, profession, specialty. In the upper right corner, write the word "Duplicate", then calculate the total and continuous seniority of the employee before joining you.

Step 5

Based on the submitted documents, enter the date of admission / dismissal in a particular organization, the name of the enterprises, the names of positions, structural divisions in the information about the work. In the grounds, indicate the number and date of the submitted document confirming the fact of work in each company. Certify each entry with the seal of your company and the signature of the person in charge.

Step 6

Issue a duplicate to the employee against signature, fixing his number, the date of issue in the work record book. In the original, if it is damaged or an incorrect entry was made, write on the title page that a duplicate was issued instead, indicate its number. In these cases, the original must be enclosed in a duplicate.

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