We Draw Up A Duplicate Of The Labor

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We Draw Up A Duplicate Of The Labor
We Draw Up A Duplicate Of The Labor

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The work book is the main document about the work activity and work experience of the employee. In the event of its loss, an application for the issuance of a duplicate is submitted to the employer, to which all available documents confirming the periods of employment are attached.

We draw up a duplicate of the labor
We draw up a duplicate of the labor


  • -collect a package of documents;
  • -to write an application.


Step 1

If you lose your work book, immediately report this to the employer at the last place of work. Write a statement with the following content: "In connection with the loss of your work book, I ask you to issue me a duplicate on the basis of clause 31 of the Rules for maintaining and storing work books (approved by the Government of the Russian Federation of 04.16.2003, No. 225)."

Step 2

Attach documents confirming work activity to the application. For example, written employment contracts, certificates of organizations, extracts from orders, personal accounts and payroll statements. Contact the organizations in which you previously worked with an application for a copy of such documents. In the application, indicate which documents you are interested in and the number of copies. Your application must be approved within 3 business days.

Copies of documents required for the restoration of the work book and obtaining a duplicate of it must be properly certified. In column 4 of the duplicate, a reference is made to such a document.

Step 3

If the supporting document does not contain data that by virtue of the law must be indicated (for example, paragraph, part, article on the basis of which the dismissal occurred), then this information is not entered into the duplicate. Therefore, make sure that all documents comply with legal requirements.

Step 4

The employer within 15 calendar days will give you a duplicate of the work book, in the upper right corner of the title page of which there will be an inscription: "Duplicate". It includes: information about the general and continuous work experience of the employee; information about work and rewards (incentives), which were entered in the work book at the last place of work.

Step 5

In the event of a massive loss of work books by the employer, the length of service of employees is established by the commission for establishing the length of service created by the executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Based on the results of the commission's work, an act is drawn up, on the basis of which a duplicate of the work book is issued.

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