How To Make Money By Mail

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How To Make Money By Mail
How To Make Money By Mail

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You can make money on the Internet with a mailbox, but very little. However, if you are very lucky and you can create a stable network of referrals, then every month your account will be replenished with a couple of hundred "green" ones.

How to make money by mail
How to make money by mail


Step 1

Register in the WebMoney system. Register an account on any advertising postal service. Confirm the registration from your mailbox (it is better to get a new one before starting work). Immediately after registration, letters will begin to come to your mailbox, for reading each of them (or, more precisely, for clicking on the advertising link in the letter) you will receive no more than 3-5 kopecks.

Step 2

Some services are designed so that you will receive letters immediately to your mailing address, without logging into an advertising mailing account, which will facilitate your work if you register on several advertising mail services at once. Firstly, you will be able to quickly "click" all letters, and secondly, you will save traffic. The disadvantage of this way of earning is the rather small number of letters sent in this case to the user by the service. To ensure that you receive as many emails as possible every day, log in to your account as often as possible.

Step 3

Follow the link sent to your account on the site and wait 20-30 seconds until your visit is registered by the counter or complete a simple task (registration, voting, viewing contact information).

Step 4

Try to choose for such work only services that are proven and have a small minimum threshold for withdrawing the amounts that you have earned (so that there will not be too much disappointment if the site turns out to be unreliable).

Step 5

Build your referral network. Register on any advertising mail service, earn a small amount of money from reading letters and buy referrals on the exchange. Before you buy a referral, be sure to check the information about him. It is important that his account is active and his income from reading emails is stable. To attract new referrals and keep the existing ones, be sure to offer them bonus tasks and pay weekly bonuses. The very first referral you purchased will bring you up to 10% of your earnings per day. In turn, his first-level referrals will bring you up to 5%, etc. Usually it is allowed to create a referral network that has from 3 to 5 levels.

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