Returning Your Shoes To The Store

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Returning Your Shoes To The Store
Returning Your Shoes To The Store

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Buying shoes is a very scrupulous procedure. After all, sometimes it happens that the fitting went well in the store, but at home you start to press a shoe, or it turns out that the last is completely uncomfortable. How to be in this case? Many endure agony and continue to wear uncomfortable shoes because of a sense of false shame that prevents them from giving them back. In fact, you can and should return uncomfortable shoes.

Returning your shoes to the store
Returning your shoes to the store


Step 1

The law is on the consumer's side. According to the Consumer Rights Act, you can return shoes within 14 days of purchase. Demand a refund by referring to this law. Knowing your own rights and responsibilities helps out in many situations. If the seller flatly refuses to take back the shoes, contact his superiors by filing a complaint in writing. If this does not help, contact the Consumer Protection Service, also filling out an application in writing and attaching all the necessary documents.

Step 2

Cleanliness is a guarantee of return. When contacting a store with a request to replace an inappropriate presentation.

Step 3

The check is the check. Most often, when you buy, you are given cash or sales receipts. If, for some reason, you were not given such a document, do not leave the store until you receive it. Demand to knock you a check. If the cash register breaks down, demand that the seller wrote you a guarantee check by hand, indicating there the name of the store, its details, the model of your shoes, the amount to be paid, your initials and signature. This way you will protect yourself from possible misunderstandings.

Step 4

Paper age. It is often possible to see a customer leaving the store and leaving the check given to him in the nearest trash can. Never do that. Always keep all receipts, any warranty cards and other documents for the period when you can return your shoes on any day. When returning the goods back, give good reasons for the return, and also fill out the claim in writing, attaching all the necessary documents (checks, coupons, guarantees).

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