How To Register A Homemade Motorcycle

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How To Register A Homemade Motorcycle
How To Register A Homemade Motorcycle

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It is rather difficult to register a homemade vehicle in Russia. The certification procedure preceding the registration of a homemade product with the traffic police is complex and expensive. However, the most persistent inventors, eager to test their creation not only near the garage, but also on the "high road", still manage to obtain permission to operate the vehicle they have created.

How to register a homemade motorcycle
How to register a homemade motorcycle


Step 1

A home-made motorcycle, like any other home-made vehicle (STS), can be registered with the traffic police only if it meets the requirements enshrined in Russian and international legal acts applied in Russia.

So, your motorcycle must meet the technical characteristics set forth in the GOST R system and the UNECE Regulations.

Step 2

The document confirming compliance with GOST is called “certificate”, and the document confirming compliance with international rules is called “vehicle type approval”.

The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) issues the specified documents, as well as suspends or cancels their validity. The same department manages the entire system of Russian certification bodies.

Step 3

Your motorcycle will undergo a technical condition check in the testing laboratories of the traffic police departments or in specially accredited service points - PTO.

Submit the motorcycle itself to the laboratory for testing, and also submit: an application for a certificate (type approval of the vehicle); a statement confirming the distinctive features of the motorcycle, design or other technical documentation and technical description of the STS.

If a home-made motorcycle is created on the basis of another vehicle ("alteration"), which was previously certified in Russia, then also hand over to the laboratory the list of changes made to the base vehicle design, as well as the corresponding design documentation for the variable units.

Step 4

The test center conducts certification tests of the vehicle and analyzes the technical documentation provided by the manufacturer. After that, a conclusion is issued on the possibility or impossibility of obtaining a certificate, sent to Rosstandart.

The issued certificate confirms the safety of the motorcycle design for road users, the environment, life, human health, property, etc. The validity of this document is not limited, unless changes are made to the legislation regarding the technical characteristics of homemade vehicles.

Step 5

If the motorcycle has passed all the tests successfully, submit the certificate of conformity to the traffic police department for its registration and registration. In addition, you need a CTP insurance policy that certifies the ownership of the motorcycle.

After the registration procedure with the traffic police, you will receive a vehicle registration certificate and a technical passport for it.

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