How To Apply For An Old-age Pension

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How To Apply For An Old-age Pension
How To Apply For An Old-age Pension

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Pension is granted to women from 55 years old, men from 60 years old. It will not start being paid to you automatically after you reach the specified age. The pension must be formalized. Pension is calculated from the date of filing an application to the pension fund, but not earlier than the onset of retirement age. In order to receive a pension on time one year before the onset of retirement age, put in order all the necessary documents for its registration.

How to apply for an old-age pension
How to apply for an old-age pension

It is necessary

  • - passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation
  • -application on a special form
  • - pension insurance certificate
  • -certificate of experience for the periods before registration in the insurance accounting system
  • -certificate of salary for any 60 months in a row
  • - information about labor activity for 2000-2001
  • -information about disabled family members
  • - a document confirming the presence of disabled family members at your expense
  • -document of disability (if any)
  • -document on the death of the breadwinner
  • - work book
  • - additional documents may be required


Step 1

This is especially true for the registration of a preferential pension. Veteran benefits for the title of Labor Veteran are not compensated for in case of late registration of the pension. And for this title, there is a substantial increase in pension and a 50% discount on utilities. To obtain this title, many years of work experience is not enough. You need to have a state or departmental award.

Step 2

To apply to a pension fund for calculating a pension, you must have registration at the place of residence, collect and prepare the necessary package of documents for calculating a pension. Documents must be issued by officials and competent authorities, contain seals and signatures of responsible persons.

Step 3

If the pension fund requests additional documents, they must be collected and submitted within three months. If this period is missed, then the pension will be accrued according to the available documents.

Step 4

An application for the appointment of a pension is written directly to the pension fund, as they write it on a standard form issued on the spot. The form can be taken in advance and filled out at home.

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