How To Calculate The Teacher's Salary

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How To Calculate The Teacher's Salary
How To Calculate The Teacher's Salary
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The salary of a preschool teacher, although it consists of several different parameters, still leaves much to be desired. If you look at how the teacher's rate is compiled, you can decide that his salary is simply huge. In fact, this is not the case.

How to calculate the teacher's salary
How to calculate the teacher's salary

It is necessary

  • - experience;
  • - qualifications;
  • - additional education


Step 1

The salary of workers in the education sector depends on many factors: on the workload, teaching experience, the availability of a qualification category and other parameters. But in any case, these indicators should not worsen the life of specialists working with babies. On the contrary, in the opinion of the trade unions, it should be worthy and adequate to the work of an educator. Therefore, members of trade union organizations try to periodically seek premiums for the work of teachers. So, the salary of a kindergarten teacher is made up of the base salary, to which various allowances are added. For example, regional. Each municipality has the right to establish its own amount of additional remuneration for the work of a kindergarten employee. It ranges from 15 to 35%. The largest regional allowance is the so-called "northern". This is due to the fact that work in the North is one of the most difficult, even if it is a simple educator.

Step 2

Further, a certain qualification tariff is added to the teacher's salary. This means that young teachers who are just starting to work and have a qualification group, for example, the seventh, will receive much less than their more experienced colleagues, who have already raised their level of professionalism several times.

Step 3

A plus to the teacher's salary will be such work as conducting circles, additional classes and sections. However, here it should be borne in mind that not all groups of teachers can conduct some kind of additional classes. For example, a teacher teaching art will not be allowed to hold any sports classes for children.

Step 4

If the teacher of the preschool institution bears the title of responsible for the group or the head of a certain department, he is also entitled to a bonus. In addition, the management of the kindergarten can periodically reward their especially responsible employees, which also has a positive effect on the increase in the teacher's salary.

Step 5

Also, an increase can be assigned to those employees who work on a part-time basis. In the case of kindergarten teachers, with this mode of work, allowances should also appear for harmful strenuous work. After all, usually educators work half a day, because physically it is very difficult for one person to look after and conduct classes for a group of 15-20 children all day. In addition, the teacher bears a huge responsibility for each of them. This means that if he alone is constantly on such a busy schedule, then he should be paid extra within 10%.

Step 6

Plus, an addition to the salary goes to teachers who work in specialized children's institutions - these are kindergartens with a specific profile (for example, speech therapy, ophthalmology, etc.), in boarding schools (here there is another additional allowance for work at night) and others. The increase in wages in this case occurs within 15-20%.

Step 7

A separate supplement in the amount of 15% of the wage rate is assigned to educators who work in preschool educational institutions with in-depth study of the Russian language and conduct additional classes in national languages.

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