How To Write A Resume For A Job

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How To Write A Resume For A Job
How To Write A Resume For A Job

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Surely no one doubts the fact that a resume is one of the most effective means of finding a good job. A well-written document can be the reason for a personal meeting and interview with the applicant. If it is not possible to contact a specialist for a competent resume design, you can start writing it yourself.

How to write a resume for a job
How to write a resume for a job


Step 1

When compiling a resume, observe a number of basic rules: - for registration, use thick paper of white or light beige color, because the document can be subjected to multiple copies. Try to place information on one or two sheets;

- observe a uniform style of writing the text and check it for errors;

- choose information based on the purpose, i.e. if you are applying for positions diametrically opposite in terms of responsibilities, write several resume options, indicating in each the necessary data;

- If possible, fill out a resume in different languages, this will favorably distinguish you from other applicants.

Step 2

Break your resume into multiple blocks. Begin each block on a new line, highlight the title in a different font. "Personal data". Enter here your surname and initials, address, phone numbers, e-mail. "Objectives". Write what position or positions you would like to get. "Work experience". Write down in chronological order, starting with the last, place of work, names of organizations, positions and responsibilities performed. "Education." In this block, list the graduated educational institutions with an explanation of their names and specialties received. If you have not completed your studies, indicate the number of courses you have taken. Write about receiving additional education, taking advanced training courses, etc. "Additional information". Place here all the information you think is necessary: ​​the presence of a medical book and a driver's license, knowledge of foreign languages, membership in a trade union organization, the ability to work on a computer and knowledge of computer programs, etc. List the personal qualities that will correspond to the position for which you are applying. It can be resourcefulness, resistance to stress, non-conflict, punctuality, learning, the absence of bad habits, and much more. Indicate the availability of feedback and recommendations from previous places of work. Use general phrases without mentioning third parties. The employer will be able to study detailed information, if desired, in the documents attached to the resume.

Step 3

When writing your resume, be as short and specific as possible. Avoid florid and wordy sentences. Give preference to positive information, do not indicate the reasons for leaving your previous jobs. Attach a photograph to the letter only if this requirement is specified by the employer.

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