How To Fix The Date Entry In The Work Book

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How To Fix The Date Entry In The Work Book
How To Fix The Date Entry In The Work Book

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Often, mistakes are made in the records of the work book, which are associated with an inaccurate name of the organization, an incorrectly entered date of employment or dismissal. Such records must be corrected, otherwise the employee may have problems with the appointment of a seniority pension.

How to fix the date entry in the work book
How to fix the date entry in the work book

It is necessary

instructions for maintaining work books, labor code, forms of relevant documents


Step 1

If an employee finds an incorrect entry of the date of dismissal in the work book, he needs to write a statement addressed to the head of the organization in which the mistake was made, with a request to correct the inaccuracy.

Step 2

The director of the enterprise issues an order to correct the incorrect entry for this employee, puts his signature on the document and the seal of the company. The order is assigned a number and date of publication.

Step 3

An employee of the personnel department of a company that made a mistake writes a phrase under the wrong entry, which states that the entry under the number (indicates the ordinal number of the inaccurate entry) is considered incorrect. Puts the correct date of employment or dismissal, indicates in the information about the job the fact of admission to a certain position or a link to the labor code on dismissal. The reason may be an order for hiring or dismissal on the date when this employee was hired or fired, as well as an order of the first person of the company to correct an incorrect entry. The entry made is certified by the seal of the organization.

Step 4

If the company where the personnel officer made a mistake is reorganized, liquidated or renamed, the company in which the employee currently works has the right to correct the incorrect entry. The employee also needs to write a statement, and the manager must issue an order on the possibility of making the correct entry. And in no case should it be crossed out. You need to be guided by the rules for keeping work books. The personnel worker makes a correct entry in the work book, mentioning in advance that the number of an inaccurate record should be considered invalid.

Step 5

Also, an employee, instead of a work book in which a mistake was made, has the right to receive a duplicate of it. To do this, he needs to write a statement asking to receive it. The director writes the order and sends it to the personnel department, and the personnel officers, in turn, draw up a duplicate on the basis of the submitted documents.

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