How To End A Formal Letter

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How To End A Formal Letter
How To End A Formal Letter

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Any office worker sooner or later is faced with the need to write an official letter. Business etiquette emphasizes that the ending of a letter is just as important as the starting point of your message.

How to end a formal letter
How to end a formal letter

It is necessary

exact address of the recipient, envelope, copies of documents attached to the letter


Step 1

Reread what you have written before you begin the final part of the letter. Check the text for grammatical and spelling errors, blots and inaccuracies. If you are completely satisfied with the content of the letter, in the last paragraph, repeat the main thesis of your letter once again in a concise and intelligible form. Thus, you summarize your message, making it easier for the addressee to prepare and write a response.

Step 2

If it is necessary to attach copies of documents to the official letter, after the paragraph, step back a few lines and indicate in the “attachment” column a list of documents. The list must be numbered. Attach photocopies of documents to the letter in the order in which they are indicated in the list.

Step 3

End the formal letter with a polite and correct turn of speech, for example, such as: "I hope for a fruitful cooperation." Also, in business, it is customary to end letters with the help of such phrases as "with respect", "sincerely yours", "with respect." Next, be sure to put your initials and date. Do not forget to sign next to your surname after printing the text.

Step 4

Start filling out the envelope. The recipient's address is written in the lower right corner, the sender's address is written in the upper left. Be sure to enter the correct postcode, in which case the letter will reach the addressee faster.

Step 5

It is better to send official letters by mail in the form of registered letters with acknowledgment of receipt. In this case, you will have evidence of receipt of the letter by the addressee.

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