How To Give Interviews Correctly

How To Give Interviews Correctly
How To Give Interviews Correctly

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A good way to make yourself known is through interviews. But getting the journalists invited to tell about themselves is another half of the success. It's important to make sure the interview goes well.

How to give interviews correctly
How to give interviews correctly

There are some simple rules to help you avoid mistakes and make the interview help to get your message across to your audience.

1. Set a clear goal. Think about what you want to tell. Personal successes, company affairs or problems. The journalist should not feel that the meeting is too ad-hoc.

2. You can suggest to the journalist topics that may be of interest to the target audience in your field. Make a list of topics that you would like to touch on.

3. Prepare for conversations in advance. You need to answer clearly to the point, unnecessary information is not needed. If you are applying for expert status, then you should feel like a fish in water.

4. You can ask the journalist in advance what the questions will be. You have the right to know in advance what they are going to talk to you about.

5. Take media training. This will allow you to behave confidently during the interview, speak convincingly, and answer unpleasant and tricky questions.

6. If there are any topics that you would not like to touch upon, inform the journalist in advance. But in any case, be prepared for the fact that you may be asked questions from different areas.

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