How To Give Discounts To Clients

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How To Give Discounts To Clients
How To Give Discounts To Clients
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A product discount is set to increase the customer base and achieve positive economic indicators. The amount of the discount takes into account the interests of both parties, i.e. buyer and seller. When developing a system of discounts, the initial - base price is taken into account.

How to give discounts to clients
How to give discounts to clients


Step 1

In retail, for example, in the market, a discount is provided for the volume of goods purchased or for other reasons. For example, give a discount to a customer if the same product is being sold in a nearby pavilion at the same prices. Or offer him a discount on multiple purchases. Use the same principle if you are selling a product in bulk. The buyer is interested in taking the products in one place if the aggregate prices for each item are lower than those of competing firms.

Step 2

Cumulative discounts are provided to regular customers. You are interested in regular customers, strive to increase sales to each of them. Make a table of discounts, in it calculate the prices from the purchase for a certain amount. Set the difference between prices to 5% in each column. The buyer will strive for the lowest price in the table, increasing the purchase of goods and your profit. In this case, the volume of purchases by each buyer should be recorded.

A cumulative system of discounts exists in many retail chains; the amounts of purchased goods are fixed using the buyer's individual plastic cards. When a certain purchase amount is reached, the settlement system will automatically generate a new discount percentage.

Step 3

In the case of selling goods with a deferred payment, use the discount to speed up the payment. The client will have a choice: meet the deadlines stipulated by the terms of the deferral, or pay earlier than the appointed date, but at more favorable prices. Calculate the amount of the discount individually. In addition to speeding up turnover, you will receive a money-back guarantee. Use this method for those clients who periodically do not fit into the agreed deadlines for a deferred payment. If you cannot transfer them to a prepaid payment method for a number of reasons, then this option will help get rid of constant delays in payments.

Step 4

If you are selling a seasonal product, then run a sale at the end of each period. Make seasonal discounts, otherwise you run the risk of "freezing" working capital. They do the same with the remnants of goods from the previous collection, before the arrival of new products. In this case, set the discounted price as close as possible to the purchase amount plus shipping costs.

Step 5

In many organizations selling various kinds of services - beauty salons, fitness centers, a system of club discounts has been adopted. Those. By purchasing a club card, the client receives the service at a more favorable price, and the owner of the club acquires a regular client. If your line of business allows this type of discounts, order plastic cards to attract regular customers. You can sell them for a nominal fee or donate them.

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