What Is A Resume

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What Is A Resume
What Is A Resume

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Today, job search is impossible without an absentee acquaintance with the employer, and it usually takes place by sending the applicant his resume. A well-written resume paves the way for many large companies, even for young employees.

What is a resume
What is a resume


Step 1

The word “summary” has French roots and means “summary”. Today, a resume is understood as a short description of the professional achievements and qualities of the applicant, which aims to interest the employer, create a positive opinion about the potential employee and organize a personal meeting.

The resume creates the first impression of the applicant, which is the most important moment in meeting a recruiter. Usually it does not exceed the volume of two printed sheets of A4 format and should not take more than 4-5 minutes to read it.

Step 2

Most resumes follow, if not a clear structure, then some sequence of mandatory points. This is a complete indication of the last name, first name and patronymic, date of birth, contacts (which include not only phone numbers, but also e-mail, fax and other means of communication). Next, the applicant should indicate the purpose of his resume - for example, getting a certain position in this company. It is mandatory to indicate education and work experience over the past 10 years in chronological order. In the absence of work experience (for university graduates), internships, additional courses, and trainings are described.

Step 3

Many job seekers pay a lot of attention to the latter sections - additional and personal information, but recently recruiters have not recommended focusing on them. They need to indicate the minimum information that the employer really needs to know - knowledge of languages, the presence of a driver's license and a car, possession of a computer and other office equipment. Of the personal qualities, those that are related to work (dedication, professionalism, and the like) are indicated.

Step 4

It is considered bad form to indicate the desired salary, post a photo (of course, if the employer does not require it) and self-praise.

The important points of writing a resume include literacy of writing, absence of errors, and an official style of presentation.

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