How To Get To Serve In The Kremlin Regiment

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How To Get To Serve In The Kremlin Regiment
How To Get To Serve In The Kremlin Regiment
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It is a great honor to serve in the Presidential (Kremlin) Regiment. Young people serving there go through a severe selection, but they stay in the best living conditions, participate in festive events, they can often be seen on TV.

How to get to serve in the Kremlin regiment
How to get to serve in the Kremlin regiment


Step 1

If you want to do military service in the Kremlin regiment, you need to start acting a few months before being drafted. Otherwise, they simply will not have time to carry out all the necessary checks in relation to you.

Step 2

Make sure that you physically meet the requirements for conscripts entering the Kremlin regiment: height from 175 cm to 190 cm, weight - within normal limits, visual acuity in both eyes - not less than 0.7, normal color perception, good hearing (perception of a whisper at a distance of 6 meters by each ear).

Step 3

Make sure that there are no grounds for refusing admission to the Kremlin regiment. These include the presence of close relatives living abroad and their convictions for serious crimes. As for you personally, you should also live in Russia, not have any problems with the law (an initiated criminal case, an outstanding or unexpunged conviction, serving a sentence). If you are registered in narcological, neuropsychiatric, dermatovenerological dispensaries, unfortunately, the way to the Kremlin regiment is not available for you.

Step 4

Please note that those who have completed secondary education, who have good physical fitness, impeccable health, a typical Slavic appearance, and a well-delivered speech have an advantage for being sent to the Kremlin regiment. The presence of scars, tattoos and piercings on the body is almost always a reason for refusal. Coming from a complete, prosperous family and having a twin brother are welcome.

Step 5

Inform the military registration and enlistment office about your desire to serve in the Kremlin regiment. After you pass the main selection there, you will have to sign a consent to the processing of your documents by the FSB of the Russian Federation, pass an interview with representatives of the Kremlin regiment and FSB officers, and pass testing. Wait for a decision on your candidacy.

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