How To Draw Up An Insurance Contract

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How To Draw Up An Insurance Contract
How To Draw Up An Insurance Contract

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An insurance contract is usually drawn up in the form adopted in a particular public or private organization. However, all contracts have general provisions in accordance with the law.

How to draw up an insurance contract
How to draw up an insurance contract


Step 1

Please note that in order for the contract to be recognized as valid: - it must be drawn up in writing;

- must be concluded by drawing up a single document for both parties or handed over to the policyholder in the form of an insurance policy (certificate) signed by the insurer.

Step 2

In the contract, one of the parties calls itself the "Insurer" (the company with which the contract is concluded), and the second - the "Insured" (legal entity or individual) in need of the services of this company.

Step 3

The clause "Subject of the contract" defines the obligations of the Insurer, subject to the occurrence of an insured event, and the object of insurance is called (for example, property interests).

Step 4

The next section details the property to be insured.

Step 5

This is followed by the section "Insured event", in which all the basic conditions are discussed under which the insurance premium is paid (or not paid). Special attention is paid to the obligations of the Insured if the sum insured exceeds the one stipulated in the contract. In this case, a person wishing to insure the property will be obliged to reimburse the company for losses in excess of this amount (in accordance with Article 59 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

Step 6

Further, the amount of the sum insured and the insurance premium (contributions) must be indicated. It is agreed that these amounts may be adjusted by the Insurer in the event of changes in the information about the Insured known at the time of the conclusion of this contract.

Step 7

The section "Rights and obligations of the parties" defines the sequence of actions of the parties in the event of an insured event. Further, the terms of payment of the insured amount are stipulated and the terms of the concluded contract are indicated.

Step 8

After that, the responsibility of the parties for the fulfillment of the terms of the contract is determined. The "Final Provisions" indicate the articles of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, on the basis of which the agreement was concluded, and the terms of its validity.

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