How To Stretch Time: Leonardo Da Vinci's Method

How To Stretch Time: Leonardo Da Vinci's Method
How To Stretch Time: Leonardo Da Vinci's Method

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A person spends about a third of his life in a state of sleep. However, many active people do not want to put up with this and come up with ways to "stretch" the time in order to have time to do as much as possible. The great Leonardo da Vinci became famous not only for his man-made masterpieces and scientific research. He also owns the invention of a specific sleep system, with the help of which the waking time is significantly increased. Later, scientists called such a system "the dream of a genius", and indeed, many great people built their lives according to such a regime in order to devote as much time as possible to productive activities - Guy Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Byron, Winston Churchill, Salvador Dali, Margaret Thatcher and others …

How to stretch time: Leonardo da Vinci's method
How to stretch time: Leonardo da Vinci's method

The essence of the system is as follows: you need to sleep for 15 minutes every four hours. Thus, the day is divided into six four-hour segments, in each of which 3 hours 45 minutes are allotted for wakefulness, and only 15 minutes for sleep. In total, it turns out 22 and a half hours of vigorous activity and an hour and a half of rest per day. But it turns out that for such a short time of sleep, all body functions are restored, the brain has time to rest and get rid of harmful substances accumulated in the tissues. Due to such a regime, you can have time to do much more in life! By the way, this practice of short-term sleep every four hours is used in some large corporations in order to improve the efficiency of employees.

If you want to try to stretch time according to the method of the great Leonardo, then you need to consider the following:

1. This method is good for people who are truly creative and ingenious, gushing with ideas and not having time to implement them in a normal day. Many people who tried to live “like Leonardo” eventually abandoned this regime, because they did not know what to do with so much free time … In addition, for such a regime, a person's work should be unregulated in time, which is quite suitable for freelancers.

2. It will take about a month to switch to the "genius sleep" mode. The body easily enough adapts to such a cyclicity of rest and wakefulness, only in the first two weeks of adaptation there can be minor sensations of discomfort - lethargy, dizziness, impaired appetite.

3. The transition to the mode of "genius sleep" will require agreement with the household - will they not be disturbed at night by the creative activity of the awake person. Or maybe they will want to join, and then the whole family will live according to the same schedule. The regimen is also suitable for young mothers who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation.

4. You don't have to set an alarm to wake up on time. You can, for example, use the original method of Salvador Dali: take a spoon in your hand, put your hand on the armrest of an armchair or sofa so that the hand with a clamped spoon hangs down slightly, and put a metal tray on the floor under the hanging arm. 15 minutes after falling asleep, the hand will relax, the spoon will fall out and loudly clang on the tray.

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