How And Where To Get A Pensioner's Social Card In Ufa

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How And Where To Get A Pensioner's Social Card In Ufa
How And Where To Get A Pensioner's Social Card In Ufa
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The social card of Bashkortostan is a personalized plastic card with a large amount of useful functions. It is issued free of charge as social assistance for residents to receive government and other services. What exactly does the card give to a citizen? How do I get it?

How and where to get a pensioner's social card in Ufa
How and where to get a pensioner's social card in Ufa

How do I get a card?

To obtain a card, you must come with an application for issue to the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population: the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Bashkortostan. You can also order it at Uralsib Bank. A non-privileged category of citizens can receive a card only at a bank.

To apply for a card, you need to take with you: passport, pension certificate, other documents indicating benefits. Otherwise: passport, TIN, OMS, ID of an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (if any) and SNILS.

What is the use of the Social Card?

  1. The card allows residents to insignificantly, but save on transport. You can use it as a travel ticket;
  2. If it is necessary to make an appointment with the hospital, the holder can use the card through the terminal, the Internet or the phone to do this. And you don't have to stand in lines. The card will also store information about prescriptions and medications prescribed to a person;
  3. The social application of the card allows the holder to receive information about the benefits that can be obtained by him through an ATM or in any other way;
  4. In many grocery stores, the owner can get a discount on the item;
  5. Pension and tax supplements provide information on payments that can be seen on the official website and in self-service kiosks;
  6. The "Education" application collects grades, monitors attendance, meals for cardholders' grandchildren. So far, 14 Bashkir technical schools and schools are connected to this system;
  7. The Ministry of Internal Affairs-application stores information about fines, accidents, takes into account the information of the car by the VIN-code;
  8. The application for the bank allows you to transfer the pension, while the balance is charged 4%.

The cost of the reduced fare is 400 rubles per month with an unlimited number of trips.

While the card is being made, residents are given temporary social cards. To do this, you need to come to the department with all the documents, take a coupon to the application form of an individual in order to confirm participation in the “Social Program of Bashkortostan”. The address of the place of receipt - Ufa, st. Novomostovaya, 8.

Where can I get a Social Card in Ufa?

Territorial bodies:

  • st. Pravdy, 25 (Levitan str., 14/3);
  • st. B. Khmelnitsky, 53;
  • st. Mingazheva, 107;
  • st. Lenin, 9/11;
  • st. Richard Sorge, 33;
  • st. Mira, 6;
  • st. Revolutionary, 54;
  • st. B. Bikbay, 35/1.


  • st. Krupskaya, 9 (Department of Customer Service Center);
  • st. Chernyshevsky, 112 (Dept. "Chernyshevskoe");
  • Prospect Oktyabrya, 3 ("Oktyabrskoye" department);
  • st. Shafieva, 11 (Department "Universal");
  • st. Centralnaya, 8 (Demskoe department);
  • st. Mira, 9/3 (Department "Petrochemical").

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