What Gives A Citizen Membership In A Party

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What Gives A Citizen Membership In A Party
What Gives A Citizen Membership In A Party

Video: What Gives A Citizen Membership In A Party

Video: What Gives A Citizen Membership In A Party
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An ordinary person joins a party, as a rule, for two reasons. Or at the behest of the soul, when the ideology of the party is in tune with its guidelines. Or in search of certain benefits for yourself. But in either case, a citizen can get a lot of positive from his partisanship.

What gives a citizen a membership in a party
What gives a citizen a membership in a party


For an ideological person, partisanship provides, first of all, the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people, to communicate pleasantly and inspiring for an active social life. Gaining knowledge from older and more experienced comrades, joint discussion of ideas, development plans and the subsequent political struggle - all this greatly inspires a citizen who joined a political association at the call of his heart.

A person who came to the party solely for reasons of his own benefit, however, also receives a certain benefit from communication. But he establishes contacts mainly with the deputies (city, state Duma or Legislative Assembly).

Career and study

Going to a party to find a job is not a good idea. Most likely, if you have to work, then work for the idea. There are not very many permanent jobs in parties, especially in branches of small towns. However, during elections or other election campaigns there is an opportunity for a short time (usually a day) of easy work to earn from two to ten thousand rubles.

Building a political career is a different matter. The partisanship opens up broad opportunities for this.

The first step, which is relatively easy to achieve, is the deputy of the city duma. Having enlisted the support of a strong party, it is much easier to win the elections than a self-nominated candidate. Well, the post of a deputy, even a municipal one, already opens up good opportunities.

If you are not yet ready for public political work, you can become an assistant to a deputy. Here you can not only earn money, but also get additional education. By the way, many assistants to the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg at the expense of the City Duma improved their education at the Academy of Civil Service.

Other benefits

Each party in the Russian Federation also provides its members with a specific set of benefits. Also, its composition may differ depending on the specific party branch. Nevertheless, it is possible to single out more or less common benefits for all parties and regions.

For example, any party member has the opportunity to receive free consultations from party lawyers. How not to help a friend who finds himself in a difficult life situation?

Also, party members like to take a break from political activities from time to time at entertainment or sports events, outings or holiday homes. The party often pays for the rest of its followers. Or it turns out to be much cheaper due to its mass character.

In general, some benefit can be derived from party membership. However, just for the sake of this, it is not worth joining parties, because now you will have to work a lot, and the return will follow after a certain time.