How To Register A Political Party

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How To Register A Political Party
How To Register A Political Party

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Democracy, as a form of the political structure of a state, presupposes the feasible participation of all its citizens in political and social activities. In practice, this means that a citizen has the right not only to choose, but also to be elected, having resorted to the creation of certain political structures - parties or movements.

How to register a political party
How to register a political party


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New political parties are not the easiest thing to do, especially in Russia, where you will inevitably face various bureaucratic and legal obstacles on the way to creating such a structure. Remember that with a sense of purpose and possession of the necessary information, this is quite feasible. The creation of a party begins with the study of the main document - Federal Law No. 95-F3 "On Political Parties" dated June 11, 2001. It regulates the process of creating and registering a party, defining what its structure, symbols and name should be, the package of necessary documents and the registration procedure. Start building your party by carefully studying this law.

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The party cannot exist without its members, so enlist the support of the population. You need many supporters - to register a party, according to the law "On political parties", you need 100 thousand people with party cards of your structure. However, in the Russian Federation there are many party organizations that do not act as the United Russia party, but as unregistered political structures. The main thing is that you must provide your brainchild with a clear structure and support from wide sections of society.

Officially, your political party will begin its existence from the moment of the founding congress. Remember, you do not need to obtain permission from government agencies to convene it. As soon as you make a decision at the founding congress on the creation of a party, its charter and political program, your party will be officially considered established.

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The founders of a political party are the delegates of the founding congress, who, after the creation of the party, become its members. This is how the "Right Cause" party began, for example. Alternatively, a political party can be created on the basis of already existing associations or movements, and in this case, the party appears together with the entry of the corresponding entry into the unified state register of legal entities.

Do not forget that it is important to achieve broad support among the population, then it will be much easier to register. To do this, you must formalize the appropriate party structure - in addition to the central management committee, you need regional offices. They will help to attract supporters in different regions of the country. Expand your network of regional offices - and you will expand the influence of your organization.

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