How To Exchange An Item For A Guarantee

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How To Exchange An Item For A Guarantee
How To Exchange An Item For A Guarantee

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For the exchange of goods, the warranty period of which has not expired, the buyer must submit a written request to the seller. At the same time, the previously purchased product must contain quality deficiencies that the consumer was not warned about when purchasing it.

How to exchange an item for a guarantee
How to exchange an item for a guarantee

The RF Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" establishes the buyer's right to exchange goods of inadequate quality. Such a replacement is one of the requirements, the right to claim of which arises from the consumer when defects are discovered. In this case, the indicated defects must arise before the expiration of the warranty period established for the product. If the specified period for the product is not established, then the buyer retains the right to replacement for two years from the date of purchase of such products. Please note that the warranty period starts from the date of the purchase and sale transaction, but for some categories of goods, the start date may change (for example, for seasonal clothing, the warranty period is calculated from the start date of the corresponding season).

What should a buyer do to exchange an item?

If the buyer intends to exchange goods of inadequate quality, then he should submit an appropriate application to the seller. The application should indicate the discovered quality deficiencies, refer to the documents confirming the transaction (contract, cash and sales receipts), demand replacement of goods. If requested, the buyer must return the poor quality product to the seller. Within the statutory timeframe, the seller must provide the consumer with a replacement or arrange for a joint quality check if there is a reasonable doubt. If the check does not give a result, then the law obliges the seller to independently pay for the examination of the quality of the goods and invite the buyer to it.

How long does it take to replace the product?

The total time for fulfilling the buyer's request for replacement of poor quality goods is seven days. The specified period must be counted from the moment the corresponding request is presented to the seller. If the seller has expressed his intention to carry out an additional check of the quality of the goods, then the period for replacement is increased to twenty days. In the absence of the necessary product to provide the buyer, the law allows to extend the replacement period to one month. In case of any excess of the seven-day replacement period, the seller is obliged to transfer to the buyer a similar product for use for a period during which quality control will be carried out, delivery of a suitable replacement product. A similar product is provided for use within three days from the moment the consumer submits a demand, no fee is charged for the use of this product.

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