How To Appeal The Traffic Police Protocol

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How To Appeal The Traffic Police Protocol
How To Appeal The Traffic Police Protocol

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One violation, the second, the third … And now you are already deprived of your license for constant disregard of traffic rules. And it becomes very offensive that at some point you did not dispute the protocol drawn up by the traffic police inspector, although you knew that you were right.

How to appeal the traffic police protocol
How to appeal the traffic police protocol


  • In order to challenge the protocol drawn up by a traffic police officer, you need:
  • -copy of the protocol;
  • - witnesses;
  • - other evidence.


Step 1

To begin with, still in place, if you do not agree with what the patrol officer imputes you, you can refuse to sign the protocol. And in a note at the very bottom of the document, describe the reason why you disagree. Here you need to indicate all your reasons why you disagree with the accusations. And do not forget about the witnesses who need to be listed here. And so that after your assurance in the protocol various kinds of "additions" do not appear in your favor, you need to make sure that there are dashes in all empty fields.

Step 2

In order to be able to challenge the protocol, ask on the spot to be given a copy of the protocol, if the traffic police inspector has not yet done so. If you are accused of violating the administrative code, then you should be given a copy of the order. Not given out? Ask for it from the inspector on the spot. All data must match the original data. This needs to be checked carefully.

Step 3

You have only 10 days to appeal the protocol. During this time, you need to have time to refer the complaint to the name of the chief of the inspector who wrote out the controversial document for you. To be accepted for consideration, the complaint must contain all your arguments why it is the employee of their department that is wrong, and not you. it will be better and more convincing if you support your claims with references to the Rules of the Road or other legislation. If there is still additional evidence - testimony of witnesses, recordings made with a mobile phone or camera - they must also be attached. This will add weight to your complaint and keep you from questioning your honesty.

Step 4

Then the case goes to the magistrate for consideration. However, if the judge makes a decision that does not suit the driver, then the latter has the right to appeal within 10 days after the first instance of the case.

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