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Who Can Work Remotely
Who Can Work Remotely

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A distinction should be made between freelancing and remote work. Remote work is regulated by law and implies all social guarantees for the employee. The relationship between an employer and a remote worker is called teleworking and is regulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

And the work goes well, and the child is supervised
And the work goes well, and the child is supervised

Sitting in the office may not always create optimal performance. The employer must understand that the main advantage of the constant presence of the employee in the office is the ability to physically control the work of the staff. At the same time, the employer is forced to pay for the workplace, create working conditions in accordance with SanPin norms, while it is assumed that at the end of the working day, the employee is completely disconnected from work problems.

What is remote work

When an employee agrees to work remotely, it is assumed that the entire scope of tasks will be completed and the results presented within the time frame required for the normal functioning of the enterprise. In this case, the employee himself plans his working day in accordance with the physiological cycle.

When working remotely, it is necessary to create conditions for maintaining constant communication with production. Internet services will be the best option.

What activities can be carried out remotely without compromising the production process

One of the necessary departments of any production is accounting. The presence of an accountant in the office is due to the need to obtain primary documents. Further processing can be carried out in any place where it is possible to draw up the necessary forms. The receipt of primary documents can be processed through cloud programs, as well as the distribution of contracts and reports.

The company's lawyer also has every opportunity to work outside the office. Issues that have arisen at the legislative level can be resolved in any place where there is access to regulatory documents. Feedback can be done via skype, e-mail and simply by phone.

Offline writing of articles for print media is one of the best ways to earn money for a person who owns a pen. At the same time, the presence of the author even in the settlement that publishes the organ is not essential.

An advertising and marketing manager can work remotely and resolve production issues without physical interaction.

To conclude legally significant documents, any remote worker has the opportunity to issue an electronic signature, the legality of which is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Remote work is a fairly new level of relationship between an employee and an employer, but both parties appreciated the convenience of it. The disadvantage of teleworking can be the risk of unfair treatment on each side, but for this there is the possibility of concluding a formal contract.

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