How To Make Money On The Tracker

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How To Make Money On The Tracker
How To Make Money On The Tracker

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With the growing popularity of various information technologies, online earnings are becoming an increasingly attractive source of income for many people. There are many different ways to make money on the Internet and one of them is to make money on a torrent tracker. Not everyone understands how you can make money on a file-sharing network, but in fact, torrent trackers are a good way to make a profit.

How to make money on the tracker
How to make money on the tracker


Step 1

Everyone knows that a rating system operates on torrent trackers, according to which priorities are distributed among network users - users with a high rating who distribute large amounts of information have privileges in download speed and the number of files downloaded per day. Not everyone has the time and desire to deal with the distribution of files, so you can create accounts in torrents and specifically increase their rating by constant distribution, and then put up developed and advanced accounts for sale so that future owners do not have to raise the rating on their own.

Step 2

In order to gain a decent rating and then sell your account, create high-quality distributions, arrange them correctly, and regularly keep your computer turned on with an open torrent client.

Step 3

Earn rating and reputation by sharing as much of your downloaded content as possible. After selling the account, give the buyer the username and password to access the tracker.

Step 4

You can also make money on file hosting by uploading files from torrents to them. In file hosting there is money for each download of a published file. In order to earn in this way, register on the tracker and download the most popular and interesting distributions: movies, games and much more.

Step 5

Select the file hosting service where you will register (Deposit Files, ShareFlare and others) and then read the terms of the exchanger's affiliate program. Upload the files downloaded from the torrent to the file hosting service and distribute links to them on the network.

Step 6

For a certain number of downloads, you will be transferred funds to PayPal or WebMoney. For the greatest number of downloads, publish your files on various warez-portals of free access - describe the files in the news and give links to them.

Step 7

If you are registered on a closed tracker, you can sell invites to the tracker for money, especially if it is promising and relevant, and many users want to register on the tracker in order to have access to some exclusive information.

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