How To Make A Slide Presentation

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How To Make A Slide Presentation
How To Make A Slide Presentation

Video: How To Make A Slide Presentation

Video: How To Make A Slide Presentation
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A slide presentation is a file created for the most part with the help of a computer program Power Point - a fairly common tool in business communication in the modern world, when every minute counts and it is important to remember what is greeted by clothes. Information submitted in this form significantly saves the time of the person to whom you present it and makes your ideas more attractive, understandable and visual. Therefore, it is so important to master the skill of creating high-quality slide presentations.

How to make a slide presentation
How to make a slide presentation

It is necessary

Computer with installed software (Power Point)


Step 1

To make a slide presentation, open Power Point on your computer and select "New Presentation" from the main menu. You can choose a presentation with any template, change the background colors and data type on the slide, format the font, add pictures, etc. Using the "Create Slide" button, you can add new slides to your presentation.

Step 2

The main thing to remember when creating an effective slide presentation is the audience it is targeting. The presentation of material for mature business people and students should be significantly different. Therefore, if you want you and your presentation to be understood, keep this rule in mind, take into account the age, interests and educational level of your listener.

Step 3

Avoid using a variety of colors. A good slide presentation should be easy to read. Think about the place where you will be performing - is there good lighting, acoustics, how big the audience is, is there any special equipment for slideshows, how far is the listener from you? In any case, the variety of bright colors not only complicates the process of reading the slides and taking notes for the audience, but also distracts from the essence of the slide presentation.

Step 4

An effective slide presentation is text that is as simple and concise as possible, arranged so that it is as easy to read as possible from any distance. Keep this in mind when placing information on the slides. Separate sentences with paragraphs. Keep your thoughts short but accessible. You can always write down additional information and a detailed explanation of short theses in your notes.

Step 5

Do not overuse animation and other technical bells and whistles when creating slide presentations. Maybe this will give the impression that you have carefully prepared the presentation file, however, excessive flickering of the text will cause irritation and your arguments will not be heard.

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