How To Improve Your Workplace

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How To Improve Your Workplace
How To Improve Your Workplace

Video: How To Improve Your Workplace

Video: How To Improve Your Workplace
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For an office worker, his desk is, in essence, a production tool. Productivity and efficiency depend on how correctly and efficiently your workplace is organized, how comfortable and convenient you are to work. In addition, the workplace is an indicator of your organization and discipline, including your office. It is in your best interest to improve your workplace so you can get more done during your workday.

How to improve your workplace
How to improve your workplace


Step 1

There must be a stationery on your desktop, in which you can compactly store pencils, pens, a ruler, scissors, paper clips, buttons and a stapler that you need to work. Throw out all broken and broken pencils and pens without any regret.

Step 2

In the top drawer of your desktop, select a place where, when you come to work, you will fold what you usually stuff in your pockets - car keys, wallet, glasses case, mobile phone, headphones and a player. They should not lie on the table surface.

Step 3

Place the personal computer and monitor so that cables and cords are not on the table, as they take up a lot of space on the table top that cannot be used rationally.

Step 4

Arrange the working documents that you use on a daily basis so that it is convenient for you to reach them at any time. Provide easy and free access to yourself and to the desk drawers.

Step 5

Always keep official and internal documents in a separate, closed desk drawer so that unauthorized people cannot see them, even if they have completely neutral content. Scan and store important documents in *.pdf electronic format, which will greatly facilitate their search and ensure better safety.

Step 6

And make sure that your desktop is always wiped from dust, do not rely on cleaning ladies. Put all paperwork on the desk every day before leaving. In the morning, when you arrive at work, you can immediately start completing work assignments without wasting time on preparation.