How To Host A Delegation In

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How To Host A Delegation In
How To Host A Delegation In
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Cooperation with foreign partners has already become the norm for Russian enterprises. Therefore, the exchange of delegations, which is a part of the working process, is also a fairly common occurrence. But if you are hosting your foreign or Russian partners at the enterprise for the first time, you should take into account several nuances so that they do not interfere with the establishment of business contacts and spoil the impression of the meeting.

How to receive a delegation
How to receive a delegation


Step 1

An invitation for a meeting should be sent as early as possible, even if a preliminary agreement has been reached. This is a sign that you value your partners' time and respect their busyness.

Step 2

When confirmation is received, specify the number of members of the arriving delegation. It is better if you are given a list of guests with an indication of the position and supervised directions. Select the composition of your delegation in accordance with this list; in terms of number, it should be approximately the same as the delegation of guests. Discuss with the guests what language they prefer to communicate and take care of an interpreter for yourself, even if the guests are going to come with their own interpreter.

Step 3

Find out about the area of ​​responsibility and competence of each of your guests. Foreign partners, as a rule, are very strict in maintaining the official chain of command, so you need to have a clear idea of ​​what issues this or that guest is authorized to discuss.

Step 4

Prepare and agree on a list of issues that you will need to discuss. Gather all materials and documents that you may need. Decide what documents will be signed as a result of negotiations, and discuss in what mode they will be conducted: duration, breaks.

Step 5

Choose a comfortable room based on the number of people attending the meeting. Each of them should have a place where he can comfortably accommodate, because between breaks you will have to sit for several hours. Make sure that during the meeting, tea, coffee, biscuits are served, and glasses and mineral water are on the tables. If no one minds, don't forget to put in the ashtrays.

Step 6

Ask your guests for consent to audio recording of the meeting, it cannot be made without permission. Sit guests facing the front door, this psychological nuance will allow them not to feel stressed. Ask not to be distracted by outside phone calls during negotiations. Prepare diaries and pens for guests.

Step 7

Do not force guests to look for you when they arrive at the meeting point. Someone must meet them in the lobby of the building and escort them to the room where the negotiations will be held.

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