How To Become The Host Of The "Vesti" Program

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How To Become The Host Of The "Vesti" Program
How To Become The Host Of The "Vesti" Program

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Leading is a profession where work experience, skills and abilities are of paramount importance. To become one, you have to work hard. But any diligence will sooner or later be rewarded.

How to become a program host
How to become a program host


Step 1

When you look at a news program anchor on a federal channel, what is the first thing that catches your eye? Impeccable diction, clarity and coherence of all actions, equanimity. You also need to master all of these skills if you want to make a career as an announcer. Basically, the majority of the leaders are former students of journalism departments or theatrical universities. Of course, this is not a prerequisite, but while studying there, you can learn better about the profession you are interested in, try yourself in it and find the necessary connections to start a professional career.

Step 2

Regardless of education, voice work is important for the facilitator. As a rule, low voices with a rich timbre are preferred on radio and television. If you are not the owner of this, it is too early to despair. Voice exercises, which are also suitable for singers, will help you. This is chanting sounds of different heights, breathing practices, pronouncing different syllables. Before being accepted as a host, you will definitely audition. It will pay attention not only to the voice, but also to the diction. It should be clear, without flaws. All words are easily distinguishable. The best helper in this skill is tongue twisters.

Step 3

Only with practice will you master all the skills. Exercise often. Speak the words you see on the posters. Practice reading aloud and silently to broaden your horizons. You should not be confused by unfamiliar words. It is very helpful to read to other people. Try reading funny texts to them, while trying to keep your face as serious as possible. Remember, if you laugh on camera during a live broadcast, this will most likely be your last day at work. So perfect your skills.

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