How To File A Claim At Work

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How To File A Claim At Work
How To File A Claim At Work

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A complaint at work can be made in the form of a complaint against the employer. At the same time, this document will help you to defend your rights, and also with its help you will be able to resolve the problems that have arisen with your manager.

How to file a claim at work
How to file a claim at work


Step 1

Contact the labor inspectorate in order to protect your rights. This company monitors the implementation of labor laws. Consult with a specialist about what violations were committed by your employer.

Step 2

Write all your claims in writing. Try not to get carried away too much, write only to the point, briefly and without unnecessary emotions. After all, it is very difficult to read long messages. That is why you should not take more than one or a maximum of two sheets of A4 paper with a written claim.

Step 3

Specify where exactly your rights as an employee were violated. This will help you formulate your own claims more competently. Then try to point out how you think it is possible to remedy the situation.

Step 4

List all reasoned facts of violations of your rights by the employer. At the same time, state only those events for which you can provide evidence (documentary confirm, using video filming, recording from a dictaphone or witness testimony). Please note that the more such evidence is provided, the more effective your complaint will be.

Step 5

Make a list of attachments, if necessary, and enter it at the very end of the written complaint. Then make references to the documents that you have in the form of evidence in the text of the complaint. The scope of these applications can be anything, it all depends on your capabilities in the collection of the evidence base.

Step 6

Ask for a written response to your complaint. You can do this right in the text of the complaint. In this case, do not forget to indicate your address to receive a response.

Step 7

Contact the prosecutor's office. This is necessary if the claim against the employer that you wrote to the inspectorate did not bring you the expected result. The prosecutor's office will also ask you to put your own complaints in writing.

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