How To Find A Part-time Job In Moscow

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How To Find A Part-time Job In Moscow
How To Find A Part-time Job In Moscow
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Is there a lot of money? Of course not. The students know it best. Especially if they are full-time students. They always lack material resources, because they do not have the opportunity to work at full strength. Therefore, many of them get a part-time job or a remote job, that is, at home. Such part-time jobs take the student's free time and bring good income.

How to find a part-time job in Moscow
How to find a part-time job in Moscow

It is necessary

  • - summary,
  • - the Internet.


Step 1

Decide if you want to work from home or on the employer's premises. The second way of working on a side job has a lot of options. There are vacancies for the weekend: a waiter, a salesman, a cashier. Earnings here are about 8,000-10,000 per month, and shifts last 12 hours. You can get a job as a weekend secretary, but here you need a good knowledge of English, experience in such work is also welcome.

Step 2

If you need weekends exclusively for relaxation, weekdays, afternoons are at your disposal. Usually this time is from 4 pm. During this time, you can apply for an hourly job. Most likely, these are fast food chains that constantly need team members; operators to the phone; couriers; promoters. You can distribute leaflets near the metro or post advertisements. The latter option is especially convenient because it doesn't take a lot of time. You can post ads on the way to college or home. The approximate rate per hour is 80-120 rubles per hour.

Step 3

For those who cannot sleep at night, there are vacancies as a bartender, dancer and waiter in nightclubs and restaurants. There is good money here, but you have to sacrifice either sleep or morning steam. And for the "morning birds" there are a couple more options. Cleaning the office - this work will not take much time, and you will be free already at 9 in the morning. One thing is that it is not easy to get to the place at such an early hour, and you will have to get up with the cocks. Distribution of newspapers near the metro. Morning shifts start at 7-8 o'clock and end at 11 o'clock. The second way to earn money is to work from home. The convenience of this work is that you do not waste time on the road, and walls help at home. This includes typing options, writing articles or editing them, paid polls, an operator on the phone. It is unlikely that you will be able to earn a lot, although it all depends on your desire.

Step 4

Now that you have decided on a vacancy, write a resume. In it, indicate your skills, abilities, knowledge of programs, contact information. Go to job sites and send your resume to employers or just post it on the site. You can do without a resume. Find the vacancy you like all on the same sites. Under the basic information, there is usually the employer's phone number. It remains only to call and come for an interview.

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