How To Decommission A Computer

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How To Decommission A Computer
How To Decommission A Computer

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In many firms and companies that widely use computer equipment in their work, from time to time there is a need to write it off. There may be several reasons for the write-off - in the modern world, equipment becomes outdated rather quickly, wears out, breaks down or deteriorates. In addition, it is possible to write off computer equipment in case of its gratuitous transfer or theft, as well as fatal deficiencies received as a result of an accident or emergency. The process of writing off equipment is not as complicated as it might seem in accounting at first glance.

How to decommission a computer
How to decommission a computer


Step 1

In the event of moral or physical wear and tear, the equipment is subject to write-off if it is accompanied by appropriate official evidence of wear and tear. A specialist should be able to explain to accountants why the type of processor or motherboard in the computer is outdated and needs to be replaced.

Step 2

Also, in order to determine the unsuitability of computer equipment for use, you can create an operating commission with a chief accountant at the head and persons responsible for the safety of equipment.

Step 3

The created commission will inspect the equipment to be written off, get acquainted with the technical documentation and accounting data, and finally, establish the unsuitability of the facility for use and restoration. Also, the commission will find out the reasons why the equipment has failed, and will determine whether it is possible to use some components of the decommissioned equipment in the future.

Step 4

Based on the results of the commission, an act of writing off fixed assets of Form N OC-4 is drawn up. This form describes the accounting data that characterize the written off object. The head of a company or organization signs a write-off certificate, after which the object must be dismantled and parts and components suitable for use and repair must be removed.

Step 5

Unsuitable parts are disposed of in accordance with their market value, which can be determined based on stock quotes and market prices known in the media. After the drawn up act and determination of the cost of disposal, information on the disposal of the object is noted in the inventory book.

Step 6

Difficulties often arise when writing off equipment in the event of its gratuitous transfer to someone - an orphanage, school, hospital or other organization that receives assistance. For such a process, you need to draw up a delivery note for fixed assets, in form N OC-1.

Step 7

In the inventory card of the object, a mark is put on the transfer, and after the transfer of the object to a new location, the card is withdrawn, and a note is also made in the inventory book about the new location of the equipment. In financial terms, the company will have to add to the loss from the gratuitous transfer of equipment an additional profit tax (24% of the amount of the loss).

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