How To Find The Average Salary

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How To Find The Average Salary
How To Find The Average Salary

Video: How To Find The Average Salary

Video: How To Find The Average Salary
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Calculation of the size of the average salary of employees is necessary for calculating benefits for temporary disability, payment for business trips. The average salary of specialists is calculated based on the actual hours worked, and depends on the salary, allowances, bonuses indicated in the staffing table.

How to find the average salary
How to find the average salary


  • - staffing table;
  • - calculator;
  • - legislation;
  • - production calendar;
  • - a time sheet or an act of completed work.


Step 1

In order to calculate the average salary of an employee, first determine the period for which you need to calculate it. As a rule, this period is 12 calendar months. But if an employee has been working at the enterprise for less than a year, for example, 10 months, then you need to find the average earnings for the time that the specialist performs his labor function.

Step 2

Now determine the amount of salary that was actually accrued to him for the billing period. To do this, use the payroll, according to which the employee was given all the payments due to him. If it is impossible to use these documents, then multiply the monthly salary, bonuses, allowances by 12 (or the number of months that the employee works at the enterprise, if he is registered with the company for less than a year).

Step 3

Calculate your average daily earnings. To do this, divide the amount of wages for the billing period by the average number of days in a month (currently it is 29, 4). Divide the result by 12.

Step 4

Then determine the amount of time actually worked. To do this, use the timesheet. This document should be filled out by a timekeeper, personnel officer or other employee who has it prescribed in his job description.

Step 5

The number of hours actually worked multiply by the average daily earnings. The amount received is the average salary of a specialist for the year. Divide the result by 12. This will be your average monthly earnings. This calculation is used for employees whose payroll depends on the actual hours worked.

Step 6

When an employee has a piece-rate wage, multiply the tariff rate (specified in the staffing table and determined by the employment contract) by the number of products produced (use the certificate of completion or another document in which this is recorded).

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