How To Arrange An Interview

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How To Arrange An Interview
How To Arrange An Interview

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At its core, an interview is a sequence of questions and answers. Often an interview is a dialogue between a journalist asking questions and a respondent - a person giving information or, in other words, answering questions.

How to arrange an interview
How to arrange an interview


Step 1

Design interviews using type or color reference. This means that either write all the questions of the journalist in a font different from the answers, or highlight them in a color different from the answers.

Step 2

Do not apply both distinctive principles at the same time, especially if there are two people in the interview, that is, one questioner and one responder.

Step 3

If there are more than two responding participants in the interview, bind other text colors to them if you use color markup and other fonts - if font. Also, do not combine both types of replica splitting here.

Step 4

If the interview is a small press conference, then here do the following: apply the font separation of the replies-questions for the questioners, and separate the lines-answers of the respondents with colors.

Step 5

At the beginning of the interview, always write a short author's introduction (announcement) in order to "warm up" the reader and lead him to what topic will be revealed in this interview.

Step 6

Diversify the interview with all sorts of portrait descriptions of the respondent. For example, inserts like "chuckled cheerfully", "frowned, hastily straightened an already evenly hanging tie" and the like are very suitable. Liven up boring text with whatever subtleties you see.

Step 7

At the end of the interview, also make a brief author's note, but this time as a conclusion. Take an unbiased stance when writing your final note. If certain data, facts or news were refuted or confirmed in the interview, be sure to mark them in the author's opinion.

Step 8

When formatting the interview, use a slightly larger bold font to highlight the questions than for the answers, the text of which should be kept as usual. Make the text of the announcement and conclusion the same font as the respondent's answers - this will create a certain style of your design.

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