How To Write A Resume

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How To Write A Resume
How To Write A Resume

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A well-written resume is one of the most popular ways to get an employer interested and get an interview invitation. It is not surprising that writing it has long become practically an art, which every competent employee is obliged to master.

How to write a resume
How to write a resume


Step 1

Use a standard form. On the first line, write your last name, first name and patronymic. Make the text box bold and center it. Next (on the left side of the page, in the form of headings), indicate the main points of the summary, leaving space under them for posting information. As a rule, the purpose (the purpose of submitting a resume), general information about yourself, education, work activity, additional work skills, additional information are indicated. If the employer makes such a requirement, a 3x4 photo is placed in the upper right corner. When working in Microsoft Word, the 12th font size is used, for headings - the 14th, bold.

Step 2

The item "Purpose" is a formality. Fill in this column directly: "I wish to get a permanent job in …". Try to be as clear as possible, don't write anything superfluous.

Step 3

"General information about yourself" means standard personal data. Indicate the year of birth (date in this case does not matter) and marital status. It is also advisable to immediately provide the employer with passport and contact information (if you would like to receive an answer to your resume at all). It is better to put information on separate lines with explanations.

Step 4

"Education" is the first column of the resume that the employer studies more closely. Indicate the name of the educational institution in which you received higher or secondary vocational education, years of study and the name of the specialty. Mention any additional courses you attended: even if they are not relevant to your future work place, they can emphasize your activity and broad outlook.

Step 5

Do not overload the item "Work". It is not necessary to place all entries from the work book here, therefore it should be unofficial. It will not be superfluous to have information about what professional duties you performed and what achievements of the company can be associated with your personal merits.

Step 6

Additional work skills characterizes you as someone who is constantly improving his professional level. Here should be placed those qualities that the employer wants to see. For example, if you have to work as an accountant, then it is important to note your high level of PC use, this will turn out to be an advantage. If you want to become a journalist, emphasize your awareness of different areas.

Step 7

The "Additional Information" gives you full creative freedom. The first subparagraph is usually standard: "I consider my main qualities …". Next, make notes on what will characterize you positively or show your competence, experience and ability to cope with unforeseen situations. It is not necessary to give particular examples (only if they are of an exceptional nature), this is unprofessional.

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