How To Write A Policy Brief

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How To Write A Policy Brief
How To Write A Policy Brief
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An analytical note is a special type of service documentation. Its main goal is to draw the manager's attention to a specific problem. It contains proposals for overcoming the crisis situation, lists the main directions and stages of activity. A policy note should not be confused with an analytical report. The first outlines the prospects for the development of events, the second assesses the results of the measures taken. Each organization has its own requirements for the preparation of internal documents. However, any analytical note contains such parts as introduction, main part, conclusion, appendices.

Writing a policy brief requires serious thought
Writing a policy brief requires serious thought


Step 1


In this part of the policy brief, you should point out the importance of the problem you are contacting your manager. Clearly state the reasons for your concern, assess the damage received by the organization. List the sources of information and methods of analysis that you used. Establish deadlines for resolving the problem.

For example, say you are the head of advertising space for a magazine. Over the past three months, the volume of advertising sold has been gradually decreasing, although your employees are working diligently. You understand what the reason is, but you cannot resolve the situation on your own.

In the introduction of the analytical note, write that you found a decrease in sales, conducted an analysis of the situation (checked the plans and reports of the department, talked with each employee, organized an internal meeting), worked out specific ideas, which you submit to the manager for approval.

Step 2

Main part

Here you need to consider all aspects of the problem in as much detail as possible and propose a solution for each of them.

Highlight subsections in the text by the number of sentences, heading them briefly but clearly. In each, first state the negative side, then the actual essence of the changes, as well as the estimated material and technical costs and the distribution of responsibilities among employees.

Arrange sentences in decreasing order of importance or in chronological order.

Give as much detail as possible. This will show you a high degree of ownership of the situation and the elaboration of the problem. List the arguments and supporting calculations. Here you can also refer to the positive experience known in this area.

To increase the objectivity of the analytical note, provide data (information, information) obtained from other structural divisions of the organization.

In the example above, the main body of the Policy Brief might include a proposal for a new topic heading, “Home Appliances”. For this category, advertisers for a long period will be found. It is planned to involve in-house journalists in the creation of advertising and informational texts.

A proposal may also be made to allocate a company car to the employees of the department to visit remote offices of clients, which will reduce the loss of working time and travel costs. This thesis should be confirmed by calculations obtained in the accounting department.

Step 3


State the main findings for each subsection of the main body. However, try to avoid direct repetitions of the main text. At the same time, make sure that sentences that are not indicated in the main part do not suddenly appear in the text of the conclusion.

Be concise but persuasive. One conclusion cannot contradict another. And all of them should be logical and contain a positive forecast for the near future.

The final part of the already considered example will contain a conclusion about the impact of the new category on increasing advertising sales.The forecast figures may look like this: it is planned to attract 5 advertisers for a period of 6 months with a budget of 50 thousand rubles.

Step 4


Additional materials collected in a special section will increase the reliability of your statements, illustrate the information provided. In the application, you can place tables, graphs, diagrams and other visual material.

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