How To Style Your Slides For A Presentation

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How To Style Your Slides For A Presentation
How To Style Your Slides For A Presentation

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Any talk will benefit from an interesting, well-written presentation. An effective presentation is easily accepted by the audience, illustrates the key points of the topic of the speech and helps the speaker convey important information to the audience. Composing slides today is facilitated by the availability of special computer programs, but you cannot do without knowing some rules for writing a good presentation.

How to style your slides for a presentation
How to style your slides for a presentation

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - a program for building a presentation.


Step 1

Before starting work, consider a consistent style for your presentation. Let each slide have the same background, title structure, color scheme, and your company logo if required. Designing slides for presentation in a uniform format will give your presentation integrity and completeness.

Step 2

It is preferable to use a light background. On bright, variegated backgrounds, the informative part of the slide is lost and becomes difficult to understand.

Step 3

Use large, clear type. Small letters, rounded and ornate fonts make the lettering difficult to read. Don't overload your slides with text and pictures. The abundance of information on one slide makes it difficult to perceive.

Step 4

When composing slides, think about the minimum number of slides that is definitely needed. Here the rule applies: less is better than more. For example, a 50-slide presentation always plays out as a short but informative 10-15 page presentation.

Step 5

Do not use overly complex images if you can avoid it. For example, a multi-line table with a dozen subheadings or a complex diagram is almost certainly out of place. If you cannot do without them, make a handout and duplicate some slides or the entire presentation in hard copy.

Step 6

If necessary, use animation, video and audio clips to illustrate the topic of the report. These interesting tools make the presentation livelier and attract more audience attention than complex graphs and tables that alternate one after another. True, the use of such informal elements is not always appropriate. And it is very important not to overdo it in their use. Remember that a presentation is not a demonstration of your animation skills and technical capabilities.

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