How To Register Ownership Of An Apartment

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How To Register Ownership Of An Apartment
How To Register Ownership Of An Apartment

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Legally significant transactions with an apartment can only be carried out by its owner, therefore, real estate must always be registered as ownership. To do this, you should collect a number of documents and apply to the state registration center to register the ownership of the apartment.

How to register ownership of an apartment
How to register ownership of an apartment

It is necessary

  • -extract from the cadastral passport
  • -extract from the house book
  • - issuing a personal account
  • -receipt of payment of the state fee for registration
  • -Application for registration of ownership


Step 1

For registration of ownership, an extract from the cadastral passport of the apartment is required. To obtain a cadastral passport, contact the BTI department, write a statement. You will be assigned a day when a technician will come to inspect the apartment. Based on the inspection, technical documents will be drawn up for you and a cadastral passport will be prepared. If the apartment was redeveloped, the walls were moved or other actions, then you may be given a large fine and they will force everything to return to its original form.

Step 2

The technical documents for the apartment are valid for 5 years. After the expiration of this period, in order to obtain an extract from the cadastral passport, you again need to call the technical officer of the BTI.

Step 3

After receiving an extract from the cadastral passport, take an extract from the house book and personal account. Pay the state property registration fee.

Step 4

With all the documents, contact the state registration center for a single registration of real estate objects. Write an application for registration of property rights and attach a package of documents.

Step 5

After a certain period of time, which may differ in different regions, you will be given a certificate of ownership of the apartment.

Step 6

If you buy real estate, then all the above documents must be completed by the seller prior to the sale and purchase transaction, and buyers only have to conclude a sale and purchase agreement with the seller, draw up an acceptance certificate and register their ownership.

Step 7

Therefore, when buying an apartment, always first ask about the right of the seller to own the living space.

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