How To Get A Deed Of Gift For Money

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How To Get A Deed Of Gift For Money
How To Get A Deed Of Gift For Money

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Donation - a gratuitous donation agreement, according to which a person transfers or undertakes to transfer subsequently movable and immovable property, securities or money. If the subject of the agreement is money, then the state registration of the transaction is not required. You can issue a deed of gift for money without the presence of a notary.

How to get a deed oft for money
How to get a deed oft for money


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The law says that money, which is a property value, like securities, can be the subject of a donation agreement. From article 574 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation it follows that it can be concluded both orally and in writing. Oral donation for money is concluded with real donation, which is accompanied by the transfer of funds into the hands of the gifted. Any subject of civil law, including citizens and legal entities, can be a party to the donation agreement.

Step 2

In the case when it comes to the amount of money, you have the right to verbally testify your decision to transfer it in the presence of three persons and give it to the donated in front of witnesses. Please note that in this case, the consent of the gifted is a prerequisite. In addition, if the amount of money is large enough, you can attach documents confirming its origin to it.

Step 3

When, by mutual agreement with the person to whom you want to donate money, you decide that it is necessary, conclude a donation agreement in writing. You can notarize a written donation agreement, but the law does not oblige the persons involved in the transaction to do this.

Step 4

If you draw up a written donation for money without a notary, draw up a contract in two copies and put two signatures on it - the donor and the gifted one. Confirmation of the transaction will be an act of acceptance and transfer of money, on which there will be two signatures.

Step 5

The presence of a notary may be required when the amount is large enough or may become the subject of a property dispute. When a notary is involved in the transaction, the documents are prepared in triplicate, and you will put your signatures on the agreement and the deed in the presence of a lawyer. The third signature on the documents will be his as a witness.

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