How To Get A Deed Of Gift For A Daughter

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How To Get A Deed Of Gift For A Daughter
How To Get A Deed Of Gift For A Daughter

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Donation - a donation agreement. It is a unilateral transaction in which the donor transfers the property free of charge to the other party to the transaction - the donee. The order of registration does not depend on the family ties of the parties to the contract.

How to get a deed oft for a daughter
How to get a deed oft for a daughter


Step 1

Prepare all the documents that you will need when applying for a deed of gift for your daughter. You will need to provide a certificate that the ownership of the property you intend to donate is registered with the state. To do this, present a receipt that confirms the fact of payment of the fee for registration of ownership, as well as two applications for registration of the transfer of ownership of this property - yours and your daughter's. You also need to have documents that confirm both yours and the identity of your daughter.

Step 2

Prepare a cadastral passport for the real estate that you are going to donate to your daughter. To do this, go to the BTI, because only there you will be given an extract from the state real estate cadastre. Also, it is here that you take a certificate, which will indicate an inventory estimate of the apartment or house for which you are drawing up a deed of gift.

Step 3

Prepare a certificate, which will indicate the composition of the persons who are registered in this dwelling immediately at the time when you conclude a donation agreement. Assure a notary document that will confirm the fact that your husband or some relative who also has ownership of this housing, agrees that you are giving it to your daughter.

Step 4

Prepare a document that confirms your ownership of the property that acts as a donation object. Provide the original, if this right is registered in the USRR, but in the case when the registration took place not there, but in a private structure, then both the original and a copy.

Step 5

Draw up directly the contract of donation of your daughter's residential property. You can do this either at a notary or in simple writing. Register your gift with the Federal Registration Service. To do this, provide there a donation agreement issued for your daughter and all those documents that you prepared earlier.

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