How To Make Money On Surveys

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How To Make Money On Surveys
How To Make Money On Surveys

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The presence of the Internet allows you to earn money, being absolutely anywhere. There are many options for work. There is one way that can bring not very large, but stable income - sociological surveys.

How to make money on surveys
How to make money on surveys


Step 1

Earnings on the Internet

If you type "paid polls" into a search engine, a lot of links will appear. It would seem that you choose any and answer at your pleasure. But be careful: some companies transfer money for completed questionnaires only to the phone account or on condition that a certain amount is accumulated (300, 500, 1000 rubles).

Step 2

Earnings in a sociological company

More money can be earned by participating in focus groups in sociological or marketing campaigns. Usually, one discussion of a product or service takes a lot of time, but the payment is appropriate (from 500 to 2000 rubles per hour).

When choosing a company in which you will be discussing a focus group, learn about the requirements that it has.

These can be restrictions on age (women 35 years old), gender (only men), education (only higher), profession (only middle managers), the presence of children (only women with a child under two years old). Such restrictions help researchers form the core of the target audience and conduct research on a product designed specifically for this target audience.

Many companies will not allow you to participate in surveys if you have already done so in the previous six months. As a rule, this limitation can be bypassed very easily - managers of sociological companies themselves offer to hide the fact of participation in surveys.

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