How To Write To President Medvedev

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How To Write To President Medvedev
How To Write To President Medvedev

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There are times in life when you just need to write to the first person in the country. The reasons are different, some want to share an idea that can help the whole country, others have no one else to turn to and seek help from the head of state, there are many more reasons why people write to the president, but there are only three ways to write to him.

How to write to President Medvedev
How to write to President Medvedev

It is necessary

  • Write to the President of Russia D.A. Medvedev can be done in the following ways.
  • 1. Via the Internet by visiting the site
  • 2. Via the Internet, by visiting the President's blog
  • 3. By sending a letter to the address: Russia, Moscow, index: 103132, st. Ilyinka, 23.


Step 1

To write a letter in the first way, follow the lin

Then, having familiarized yourself with the information about the form and requirements for the letter you have written, click on the "send a letter" link located in the lower left corner.

Step 2

On the page that opens, select the way you want to receive the answer. Check the box next to the method you need: this is either an email response or a written response to your postal address. Complete all fields below. Provide reliable information about yourself.

Step 3

Fill in the contact field. The text of your appeal should not exceed 2000 characters. If your appeal takes more characters, then attach your material by clicking the appropriate link "attach a file" under the field for appeal. Click the submit button.

Step 4

If you have general appeals that do not have specific statements, complaints, suggestions, then it is recommended to write your appeal by visiting the president's blog.

Step 5

Follow this link, go through the registration procedure. Your application will be verified within a few days, after which a confirmation of registration will be sent to your e-mail

Step 6

Follow the link received in the response letter, fill in the text of your comment to any news published in the president's blog. Submit your appeal. In a couple of days, your comment will be moderated and published in the appropriate section.

Step 7

The third way to write to President Medvedev is to send a letter in the usual way to the address: Moscow, index 103132, st. Ilyinka, 23

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