What Documents Are Required To Close An LLC

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What Documents Are Required To Close An LLC
What Documents Are Required To Close An LLC

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Organizations that are limited liability companies are almost the most common forms of enterprises in Russia. Both the opening and closing of such a society is a fairly simple procedure, especially if you carefully study all the stages and collect a complete list of official documents.

What documents are required to close an LLC
What documents are required to close an LLC

It is necessary

  • - Charter,
  • - a statement of liquidation,
  • - liquidation balance sheet,
  • - notification of the closure of the enterprise,
  • - receipt of payment of state duty


Step 1

An important decision to close a limited liability company is made only at a meeting of all its direct founders, where responsible persons are appointed, who in the future will prepare all the necessary documentation. After the unanimous decision of the founders, a special form is publicly filled out. The closing decision form itself and the application drawn up in advance are transferred to the tax office at the place of registration of the LLC.

Step 2

As soon as the inspector receives the application and the form, he will make the necessary adjustments to the state register of legal entities. In the future, this register will reflect data on the results of liquidation. Please note that after this action, the LLC will no longer be able to make adjustments regarding the number of founders, shares of the authorized capital, etc.

Step 3

An obligatory point of closing an LLC is the distribution of information about the termination of its activities. A special announcement gives full information about the timing of the closure of the company and its full official name. All this is done in order to ensure that the creditors of the company could have time to receive their funds before the closure of the enterprise.

Step 4

When the term for the presentation of debt by creditors comes to an end, the company draws up a so-called temporary, or liquidation balance sheet, which will reflect the latest data. The balance is approved by all members of the LLC, after which it is transferred to the tax authority in a special form. Then, those responsible for personnel work, fire all employees of the enterprise.

Step 5

After the preparatory work done, all necessary taxes are paid, declarations are submitted, and the final balance is drawn up. The remaining assets of the closing company are divided among the participants.

Step 6

All current accounts are closed, according to the act, the seal containing the company's data is destroyed. The final liquidation balance sheet, a receipt for payment of state duty and a completed application form are sent to the tax office for closing. After that, the legal entity receives a certificate of termination of its activities and ceases to exist.

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