How To Make A Waybill

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How To Make A Waybill
How To Make A Waybill

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Some companies in the course of their business use consignment notes (form TORG-12). These documents serve as confirmation of the delivery of inventory items. As a rule, they are issued together with invoices. These forms are referred to as supporting documents, which is why it is very important to fill them out correctly.

How to make a waybill
How to make a waybill


Step 1

The waybill usually consists of two pages. On the first one you will see a tabular section, which, with a large nomenclature, can go to the next page, where there is information about applications, responsible persons, and general information about the cargo (number of places, weight, etc.).

Step 2

First, fill in all the details of the organization, that is, indicate the shipper and supplier. It should be noted that they are different, that is, if your organization has departments, then you need to fill in these lines especially. For example, your organization sends lumber from one division, so the name, address, TIN indicate the division, but in the line "supplier" you must indicate the head office.

Step 3

Do the same with the details of the counterparty. In the event that the payer and the consignee have the same details, fill them in in both lines. Some accountants leave a blank line, but this is not true.

Step 4

On the right side you will see a small plate in which you must indicate all the codes, for example, OKPO. After that, indicate the serial number of the document and the date of preparation.

Step 5

Next, proceed to filling out the tabular section. Indicate the number, product name, unit of measurement, code for OKEI (you can see it in the reference book). It is not necessary to indicate the type of packaging. Next, fill in the remaining fields. Summarize below.

Step 6

After the tabular section, you will see lines in which you must specify the number of sheets of the invoice, the number of pieces of delivered cargo, various certificates for the goods (if any).

Step 7

Next, fill in the title, date and sign. On the right side, the consignee must also sign the date and, if necessary, enter the number and date of the power of attorney. Organizations' seals must always be on the consignment note.

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