How To Make Money On Vegetables

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How To Make Money On Vegetables
How To Make Money On Vegetables

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You can make money on vegetables in two ways: by purchasing products at the bases and selling them by opening a retail outlet, or by growing on the site and selling them at collective farm markets. The first method assumes great stability, but requires an initial investment. The second is suitable for those who have a personal plot with a free area of ​​10-15 acres.

How to make money on vegetables
How to make money on vegetables

It is necessary

  • - land;
  • - fertilizers;
  • - cultivator;
  • - seeds;
  • - seedlings.


Step 1

Decide which backyard vegetables are most in demand in your area. Analyze how laborious it is to grow them. Check the selling price for similar products. From this analysis, it is easy to guess how much money can be raised for the sale of the crop. This is a kind of your business plan, but it also needs to reflect the possible risks. For example, the risk of bad weather, invasion of harmful insects, diseases that affected the harvest of a particular garden crop. To reduce these risks, it makes sense to grow at least 3-4 types of vegetables for sale so that you can protect yourself from monetary losses.

Step 2

Grow early vegetables for sale. A bunch of carrots in May will generate twice as much profit as a kilogram sold in September. This is the golden rule of everyone who sells vegetables from their garden. Consider a heated greenhouse for early harvests. The cost of its construction will pay off in the first year, and it will be profitable for at least five years. If it is not possible to build such a greenhouse, limit yourself to a greenhouse. It can be used to grow early greens, carrots and radishes for sale in bunches, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.

Step 3

Analyze if there are many cafes and restaurants in a nearby town. The vast majority of them feel the need for rare salads - lolo rosso and lolo bianco, radicchio, arugula - and many other types of restaurants can be purchased with enviable regularity. The agricultural technology of cultivating these vegetable crops does not differ much from the agricultural technology of the usual salads, and the cost of a kilogram can rise to 600-700 rubles.

Step 4

Plot the asparagus. It belongs to expensive dessert vegetables, is sold in bunches weighing about 250 g, bears fruit within 2-3 months (in the central region from March to May). It is possible to earn up to 30-40 thousand rubles from asparagus in a season, and leaving an "adult" plantation requires a minimum - top dressing, watering and early spring hilling.

Step 5

Take care of the points of sale in advance. Whatever vegetables you choose for growing and subsequent sale, the profitability of the business will largely depend on the "correctness" of the trading place. In most cases, selling vegetable products to private traders is most profitable in the collective farm markets, where privileged places are provided for them. But there are exceptions. For example, if you are ready to supply fresh greens year-round, register, for example, as an entrepreneur without a legal entity and will be able to sell goods through stores.

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