Entering The Legacy: Where To Start?

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Entering The Legacy: Where To Start?
Entering The Legacy: Where To Start?
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The process of opening an inheritance is quite long and laborious, so many heirs resort to the services of law firms specializing in these matters. If you deal with inheritance issues on your own, first of all, you need to collect the initial package of documents, without which the notary will not start the proceedings on the inheritance case.

Entering the legacy: where to start?
Entering the legacy: where to start?

It is necessary

collect a package of documents; -Contact a notary


Step 1

If you are an heir by law or by will, in order to enter into inheritance rights, you need to initiate the commencement of inheritance proceedings, the first stage of which is the opening of the inheritance. According to Art. 1113 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the basis for opening an inheritance is the death of the testator.

Step 2

Inheritance matters are in charge of a notary. In order to open an inheritance, contact the notary office at the last place of residence of the testator or at the location of his property (if the place of residence is not known) with an application for accepting the inheritance or with an application for issuing a certificate of the right to inheritance. On the official website of the notary chamber of the corresponding region (region), you can find out the address of the notary of the desired site. The opportunity to open an inheritance exists within 6 months from the date of death of the testator (exceptions are stipulated in Art. 1155 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

Step 3

Submit the application for acceptance of the inheritance in person at a reception with a notary or through the persons to whom you have issued the appropriate power of attorney. When you first contact a notary on the issue of opening an inheritance, you need to have a passport, as well as a death certificate of the testator (original and copy). In order to confirm the family ties between the applicant and the testator, the notary must submit a birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce certificate upon change of surname, etc. documentation. An extract from the house book and a certificate of the deceased's actual residence are also needed. They are issued at the passport office (passport and visa service) at the last place of residence of the deceased. The certificate must indicate everyone who lived with the testator on the day of his death. So the notary will determine the circle of persons interested in opening the inheritance. In addition, to confirm the rights of the testator to the property to be inherited, hand over to the notary the relevant documents of title (for example, a certificate of ownership of the apartment). If inheritance is carried out by will, present it to a notary with a note from the notary office that it has not been canceled or changed.

Step 4

After receiving the listed documents, the notary starts an inheritance case, records the received application for inheritance, notifies the heirs and interested parties about the fact of opening the inheritance. A notary may also request documents necessary for the proceedings on a case, take measures to protect and manage the inheritance property, and take other actions necessary to formalize inheritance rights.

Step 5

Take from a notary a certificate of opening an inheritance and inquiries in the organization, information from which is necessary for the proceedings on the inheritance case.

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