How To Cancel A Temporary Registration

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How To Cancel A Temporary Registration
How To Cancel A Temporary Registration

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All citizens who have arrived at the place of temporary residence are required to issue temporary registration. To temporarily register, you will need the personal presence of the owner or his notarial permission. Registration is automatically canceled after the expiry of the terms specified in the application when registering it, or at any time it can be terminated ahead of schedule at the request of the homeowner.

How to cancel a temporary registration
How to cancel a temporary registration

It is necessary

  • - application;
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of ownership.


Step 1

In accordance with the changes introduced by the Government of the Russian Federation, the rules for temporary registration have been significantly simplified. Since November 2010, citizens have the right to obtain temporary registration much faster by submitting an electronic application for a single portal of public services at The citizen who submitted the application will be assigned an activation code, with which you can get a certificate confirming the existence of a residence permit almost immediately. The authorized employees of the territorial migration service are obliged to notify the homeowner within three calendar days that temporary registration has been made for the living space.

Step 2

If the owner does not agree with this due to the fact that the registered citizen did not agree with him this action and did not notify him personally, the registration can be immediately canceled. To do this, the owner must contact the territorial office of the migration service with an application, passport and certificate of ownership of housing.

Step 3

If the owner was personally present during the temporary registration or issued his notarial permit for temporary registration on his living space, he has the right at any time to contact the territorial migration service, present an application, passport, certificate of ownership of housing and cancel the registration. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary for a registered citizen with a passport to be present.

Step 4

Temporary registration ends automatically as soon as the deadlines specified in the application submitted to the territorial migration service during its registration have expired, so if the owner or registered citizen did not express a desire to terminate the temporary registration early, it will still automatically end. The extension of temporary registration is carried out by the territorial migration services on the basis of an application from a citizen with the consent of the owner of the home.

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