What Documents Do They Receive Upon Dismissal

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What Documents Do They Receive Upon Dismissal
What Documents Do They Receive Upon Dismissal

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Dismissal is a serious and often not particularly pleasant process, both for the employer and for the employee. To make it less stressful, you need to know what documents an employee should receive upon dismissal.


It is necessary

  • - order of dismissal
  • - employment history
  • - certificate on the form 2-NDFL
  • - other documents


Step 1

Dismissal order. Prior to the calculation of the employee and the issuance of all documents to him, the employer is obliged to familiarize him with the order of dismissal. The employee must carefully read and sign this order if he agrees with its terms. It is the order of dismissal that is considered a normative act for the employer and employee on the legality of the dismissal process. If the employee does not agree with his dismissal, such an order cannot be signed. You need to seek the truth through the union or the court.

Step 2

Employment history. On the day of termination of labor relations with the employer, the employee must definitely get his labor in his hands. It should contain a record of the admission of an employee to the company for a certain position, if there were - records of movements in the company in different positions. And at the end - a record of the dismissal and the reason for dismissal under the article of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. The employee should carefully read the record, as any mistake can later lead to serious trouble when it will be necessary to reissue the record in the HR department.

Step 3

Certificate in the form 2-NDFL for filing at another place of work or at the labor exchange for recognition as unemployed. Such a certificate is issued among the mandatory documents upon dismissal, it is needed to calculate the total income of an employee at a new place of work.

Step 4

At the request of the employee, the employer is obliged to provide any necessary information related to the documents and information about this employee. Among such documents there may be copies of admission orders, certificates of wages for a period of 2 years for submission to the labor exchange, work experience, a T-2 card on the movement of work, changes in his salary for the entire period of activity, information on vacations. The employer must provide all this information within 3 days.

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