How You Can Work And Study At The Same Time

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How You Can Work And Study At The Same Time
How You Can Work And Study At The Same Time

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Today, many students do not just study, but combine study and work. This is necessary for a comfortable life, because the modern scholarship is too small for a full-fledged existence. This requires tremendous effort, but the result exceeds expectations.

How you can work and study at the same time
How you can work and study at the same time


Step 1

If you start working in your specialty, then by the time you receive your diploma, you will already have work experience, which means that this will allow you to get an interesting position and a higher salary. Experience will allow you to better navigate the market, choose the best employers, and also help you understand development prospects not in theory, but in practice. But only many students prefer part-time jobs to full-time jobs.

Step 2

It is difficult to combine work and study in the first years of the full-time department. The first two years are very busy, and at this time there are most deductions for academic failure. But from the third year, you can safely look for a permanent income. You should pay attention to hourly work, this is offered by fast food chains, as well as various advertising companies. Promoters work in stores, offering various products, and organizing tastings. Their salaries are quite substantial. You can distribute leaflets to mailboxes or distribute them on the streets. Quite a good part-time job is conducting opinion polls. Each questionnaire is rewarded, and you can work at any convenient time. Today, students often work in call centers answering calls, in restaurants as waiters and bartenders, and in sales companies as sales managers.

Step 3

Three years of higher education is an incomplete higher education. With this kind of baggage, you can find a more prestigious job. But almost always she requires being in the office, which means that academic performance will drop. And part-time jobs are usually more profitable than the lowest position in any company. Here you have to choose between income and career.

Step 4

A good job option for students is freelancing. Free employment today is relevant in many areas - from writing texts to accounting. Even architects today take remote orders, which means that you can gain experience and not be tied to a place. But this kind of earnings also implies the presence of specific deadlines, the ability to keep an order from start to finish. Only punctual people will be able to reach some heights in this area, create a high-quality portfolio with good reviews.

Step 5

If you plan to study and work at the same time, consider a distance learning option. You do not have to visit the school every day, only two or three times a year you need to come to the sessions. You will have to prepare for the exams on your own, but the diploma will not be worse than that of full-time students. At the same time, you will be able to work in any field, gain experience and earn money.

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