How To Get A Patent

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How To Get A Patent
How To Get A Patent

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If you have invented or developed something completely new, then sooner or later you will probably want to get a patent for your invention. Registration of new items is carried out to protect the developer's rights from its illegal use by other persons. To defend your copyright, you must contact the appropriate registration service.

How to get a patent
How to get a patent

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Civil Code of the Russian Federation


Step 1

First of all, determine for yourself what you have created: device, substance, method or application. The list of documents that will have to be collected, as well as the timing of obtaining the corresponding patent, will largely depend on this.

Step 2

Select the type of patent you intend to obtain. In accordance with the current Russian legislation, there are the following types of protection of rights: a patent for an invention, an industrial design and a utility model. For example, a patent for an invention confirms the very fact of the invention, your authorship and the author's right to the product. As a rule, the validity of a patent applies only to the territory of the state where the patent was obtained.

Step 3

Prepare a package of documents to send it to the patent office. Draw up a claim, file a patent application, which will include a statement in the prescribed form, a description of the invention, claims, drawings and other graphic materials, an abstract.

Step 4

Submit your patent application and accompanying documents to the State Patent Office. The Federal Institute of Industrial Property is responsible for considering applications and deciding on the issue of granting a patent in the Russian Federation. The list of required documents may differ depending on the type of innovation that you intend to protect with a patent. You can get detailed information on the FIPS website. Send prepared documents for consideration by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

Step 5

Wait until the first stage of the patent examination is completed. Patent specialists process your application within two months and carry out the so-called formal examination, which may take 18 months. The patent office then publishes the details of the application.

Step 6

After you receive a positive response to the formal examination, apply to the Patent Office for a substantive examination of your application. Upon completion of this examination, an information retrieval report is sent to you. The formal term for substantive examination is no more than six months.

Step 7

Wait for the decision to issue a patent or a reasoned refusal to issue it. In the latter case, you have the right to appeal the decision of the patent office to the Patent Dispute Chamber.

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