How To Find Out Passport Details

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How To Find Out Passport Details
How To Find Out Passport Details

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A passport is an identity document of a person and indicates his citizenship. Every citizen receives a passport upon reaching the age of 14. Each document has its own individual number and series. In some cases, it is necessary to check the passport for authenticity, for example, when making legally significant transactions or for other equally important circumstances.

How to find out passport details
How to find out passport details


Step 1

Passport data are affixed on each document, the number and series are indicated, by whom and when issued and the code of the department of internal affairs to which the document was issued is affixed.

Step 2

To find out the authenticity of your passport, contact the migration service or at the place of registration in the passport department.

Step 3

Show your identity documents.

Step 4

Fill out the application form, which includes your details and indicates the reason that prompted you to find out such information.

Step 5

Upon your application, they will give you the information you are interested in.

Step 6

If you need to find out the passport data according to the available information, which consists only of the full name, then proceed in the same way.

Step 7

On the website of the migration service, you can only find out whether such a passport really exists. The data is issued after the introduction of comprehensive data, which include the document number, series, full name of the owner.

Step 8

To personally verify the authenticity of the passport and accessories, its bearer must carefully examine the photo, ask again the place of registration, full name, place of birth, date. If the passport is a fake, then somewhere the fraudster will pierce without thoroughly studying the information.

Step 9

Take a close look at the passport itself, the presence of watermarks, luminous marks, etc.

Step 10

Check that the number and series match on all pages.

Step 11

If all checks have led to a positive result, then the passport is authentic and you can safely make legally significant transactions with its owner.

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