How To Register At The Clinic

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How To Register At The Clinic
How To Register At The Clinic

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You want to be treated at a clinic near your work or place of actual residence. And you are denied. Remember, you are legally entitled to do this. Take your medical certificate, passport and visit the selected clinic.

You have registered at a new address. Immediately attach to the clinic. Contact the registry with a passport, compulsory medical insurance policy and a medical card from the clinic where you were observed before. That's all. Get treated for health!

If there is no registration

If you want to register at a polyclinic near work, study or actual place of residence, contact the head physician of the selected polyclinic with a written application. In it, indicate the full name, gender, date and place of birth, the number of the current compulsory medical insurance policy, the name and address of the clinic to which you are currently attached.

Don't forget to write down the reason. For example, living in the husband's apartment, together with the parents. When applying, you will be asked for your passport and medical certificate.

The law is on your side

According to Art. 17 of the Fundamentals of Legislation on the Protection of Citizens' Health from 22.07.1993 and in accordance with Art. 5 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Medical Insurance of Citizens in the Russian Federation" dated 28.06.1991, the state provides citizens with health protection and free medical care under the compulsory medical insurance policy throughout the Russian Federation. Including outside the permanent place of residence.

Remind the head physician of the existence of these documents in case of refusal. And don't despair. The law is on your side.

File a complaint with the Department of Health. It is better to send it by letter to the postal address of the institution or electronically to the website. You can complain to the Territorial Health Insurance Fund. They are obliged to provide you with medical care in full under the compulsory medical insurance policy. If you did not answer and did not help, write to Rospotrebnadzor or the prosecutor's office.

A little effort

If the decision is positive, which is more likely, you will receive a notification of acceptance for medical care in a few days. That's not all.

Fill out the application for detachment. It will be given to you at the reception of the selected clinic. Sign up with the head physician. Receive an absentee ballot.

With him you need to visit the old clinic so that you are removed from the register. Your medical records will be sent to the selected medical institution.

Now you can exhale and praise yourself. Finally, you will be treated where it is convenient for you and where you want. The time spent on paperwork will pay off very quickly.

In Moscow, you can go to the clinic of your choice. On call, the doctor will come from the clinic at the place of your registration.

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